Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We Must Repent

As a country we have removed morality, ethics, conscience, faith, and religion as ruling guiding forces for our country. We have literally made our selves "gods" able to discern what is good and evil in our own eyes. We alone dictate what is right. No one else can determine this for us and woe be unto them if they try.
Yet whenever tragedy occurs - be it via nature or man made -
we cry out for the very same things we demanded not be in place in our country. We invoke the name of God that we have shunned a long time ago as out of touch and irrelevant for modern man. We call for a return to standards of morality, ethics, and conscience that we demanded we wanted to be free from.
What we did not see and refused to admit is that the things we crave most - love, compassion, respect for our fellow man, fear of consequences of doing wrong things were ALL ROOTED in the same things we summarily dismissed from our country. This mess is our own making. Until we as a country OWN that, we will stay stuck in this mess.
Instead we have replaced morality, ethics, conscience, faith and religion with politics, money, laws, and the power of the press as the our guiding principles. These are our governing forces in this country. These are the tenets of our new modern day religious order. Never seeing that each one corrupts the other. Each one can be and often is bought. That manipulation of the masses starts with the removal of the things we removed and is complete with the ownership of politics, money, laws, and the press.These have conspired together in an unholy alliance to silence the one place where the light of truth should always shine bright - the church; God's church. Now we have philosophers, self help gurus and life coaches masquerading as prophets, preachers, and pastors. All adding to the continued downfall of this country.
This is not by coincidence or accident. This is a concerted effort. This battle is not one of flesh and blood, but of principalities and powers. Against the rulers of the darkness. Against spiritual wickedness in high places. We have removed God from His throne and installed Dagon, Baal and ourselves as god.
Yet like Dagon of biblical days they have no arms to save, no eyes to see, no ability to save. We cry unto Baal yet there is no response. It is my personal belief that our Dagon must fall. The prophets of Baal can cry all day and night and there will still be no response. For Baal can not save us either. Until we repent AS A COUNTRY we will be stuck.
To repent is not to apologize. To repent is not to say oops. To repent is not to say my bad. To repent is not to say you caught me. To repent is not to lawyer up and plea bargain your case to a more favorable verdict. It is godly sorrow for sin. It is seeing sin not as we see it but as God sees it. It is seeing that it breaks the heart of a loving Father to have disobedient children, knowing they must be disciplined yet hating to do so because of His love for us. It is seeing the horror of what we have done not just as individuals but as a nation. To repent is to ask forgiveness from God. Knowing we deserve the full punishment for our sins, yet pleading the blood of Jesus Christ as the only atonement for our sins. To seek Him to wash the stink of the wretchedness as far as the east is from the west. To repent is to turn away from those things that were an affront to God. Not as a process, not in time, not after you can pass legislation or get your ducks in order, but immediately. To repent is to make peace with your fellow man and if you have wronged him, to make proper restitution. It is not up to the other to accept but it is up to you to offer. To repent is to walk in the newness of the light and love of God, determined to live for Him.
If my people which are called by name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. We must hold up our part before we can rightly expect God to hold up His. That is not optional.

Friday, July 7, 2017

This burden

"The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander."
How many names are not called out because of little to no media attention? How many have been kept out the limelight, swept under the rug and ignored? How many have been shamed and shunned into silence by the same forces that committed the evil upon them in the first place? How many told that no one will believe them? Told you can't win in the courts, or in public opinion so you may as well give up and go on about your business?
How many more names will be added to this list in our generation? When in our lifetime will we all admit that there is a problem here? That being black in America has never meant free, no matter what we were taught in schools or what ideals we like to proclaim that we have? That no matter our status, social standing, degrees of learning, economic status, political affiliation we are still subject to a level of inequality and distress not visited upon those absent of melanin. That no matter if we are quiet or defend ourselves; if we are calm and rational or agitated and irrational we are seen as a threat first by the majority of people in this country. Especially those that do not look like us. As a result we are dealt with as a threat first. Only when the threat has been "minimized, and neutralized" in their minds by those in power, are we ever given a chance to prove somehow that we are worthy of being treated fairly, justly, and with respect to our human condition.
The time for silence is over. We must speak the truth to those in power. Our voices must be heard. We must no longer duck our heads, fade into the background of the day so as not to make those around us uncomfortable with the realities of the day. Divide and conquer has always been used against us to keep us on the sidelines so as not to appear too radical or out of touch with the "american dream." "You are not like them" is not now nor ever been a complement. It is a war strategy, designed to weaken our unity. It is to divide us against ourselves, to set one group against another, to pit the house against the field, to give illusion that one group is better than when in reality we are all regardless of position or social standing despised the same by those that harbor hatred, evil, and blood lust in their souls.
Light is the best antiseptic. We must cast light on the evils of the day until a change happens. if not us, who? If not now, when? Use your voice to cry loud and spare not. Use your song! Sing till the angels come to inquire about the state of men and the ancestors of past struggles bones come together bone to bone with those who struggle now. Use your pen! Write poetry, spoken word, essays, blogs, letters and posts with clarity of convictions yet with compassion towards those that are merely caught up in the riptide of evil having no ill intent towards any one. Use your mind! Think deeper than the surface and media manipulation to know that the truth like great riches is often hidden from the lazy. Shine the light bright! Where there is political injustice, speak! Social injustice, speak! Racial injustice, speak! Miscarriages of justice, speak! Don't wait for change, work for it and be it!
Speak life!
"We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Beware of vultures. Vultures feed off the dead things in your life. The dead things in your life give them strength to live. Without the dead things they go and search elsewhere. The issue is not that you don't recognize that thing as dead, but that you have left it open and available to feed off of. The best way to get rid of the vultures in your life is to bury your dead things in an unmarked grave.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Before you crown him King

Before you call someone King you need to know how he became King. How he got to the throne has a direct bearing on how he will treat you should you truly become his Queen.
Some come by divine assignment
Others by divine appointment
Some by birth
Others thru death
Some earn in battle
Some ursurp the throne
And others are gifted with it by others who recognize their Kingship.
So...what kind of King are you claiming? 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Forgiveness and Grace

The offender has no right or standing to demand forgiveness for his or actions: be they acts of commission or omission; things misinterpreted or things implied, things done or things avoided. To do so is to not truly seek right relationship with the offended but to avoid responsibility as the offender for pain caused or retribution owed. Forgiveness is solely an act of grace bestowed on those who are indeed guilty and undeserving. The grace of forgiveness releases the offender from the penalty of the offense but not the sentence,

We are still guilty, We are still in debt for our deeds, We owe a price we can not pay. Oh but for grace extended and forgiveness granted upon we who do not deserve it and often mishandle it. May we never misapply the wonderful truth of what forgiveness is and how thru it grace is bestowed upon we who do not truly deserve it. #dailymemo

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Cost is Too High

More and more the platform for true and fair competition in every walk of life is being eroded all around us by the drive to win at all costs. We have become a society that loves winning or the perception in the minds of others that we have won so much, that we will say and do absolutely anything to win. Whether on the job, in the sporting arena, the home, the marriage, the political sphere or even on social media the idea that "I must win at all costs" has become inextricably woven to the soul of who we are as people.

This frightens me.

When you look at the concept of American exceptionalism, it is nothing more than grandstanding pompously thumping our chests to the rest of the world to say America is a winner. When you watch sporting programs, you see the winner celebrated even if they won by the slimmest of margins or the flukiest of circumstances while the is loser decimated and dismantled. Not just on the field mind you, but by those paid to in effect bury them alive via their opinions. In the home, peace is pushed aside in favor of who is right. In the political realm we see the mudslinging, demonizing, pathological lying and twisting of facts and truth in order to secure a win for one side or the other. A devilish game that all sides play yet all equally deny.

The shame in all of this is we have crossed a line; left it far behind us in our rear view mirror many hundreds of miles. It is no longer fair, or fun, or even conceivable to the well balanced soul anymore what we do in order to win. We say the scandalous, do the despicable, insinuate the incredulous, post the preposterous, trumpet the thoughtless and commit to the most vile craven parts of our human existence only to be able to say we or our side won.  We destroy others just to say we won.

What have we really come to? In effect this is what we saw this past National election cycle. Not only during the process and subsequent vote, but on social media, in protests, on news shows and opinion web sites. In coffee houses, chat rooms, teacher lounges, and church parking lots. That winning is all that matters. How we do it is irrelevant. Who we hurt, run over, destroy, and slander is immaterial. Only the results matter, for only they are ultimately judged by history. Not only will we do these things, but we will then disavow, disengage, deny and down play those things afterwards as if it didn't happen or it meant nothing at all. With a wink and a nod thrown in of course because that is not who we really are.

My friends we must slam the brakes on this mindset, turn the car around and head back towards a place of balance. If we do not, we will careen off the cliffs into a canyon of chaos that we are rapidly approaching. Much quicker than many of us anticipate. Compassion, caring and commitment to be a loving community must be where we point ourselves towards as a people. We can not live like this anymore. As a people. As a nation. As a world. Enough is enough.

Retribution has become normalization for our culture. We are damaging relationships beyond earthly repair...fathers against sons and mothers against daughters. All to say we won what? An argument? A competition? A post? A flame war? A vote? Surely much more was intended out of life than this. For we can not retract words once spoken or deeds done. Many today would shout karma but before karma ever became a mainstream concept for the masses we learned thru spiritual development and the songs of our fore-bearers "you will reap what you sow and what you plant surely will grow." To belittle people for not getting past or over things you did to them is to be a bully of the worst order. Allowing you to do your dirt, while throwing shade on those you purposefully intended to hurt in the first place. Living and dying by the sword becomes a cyclical outcome with no end in sight. In words often spoken down south "you kill my dog, I kill your cat." That has become the new normal for this country. The win at all costs culture is a linchpin of it.

As a former athlete, coach, and entrepreneur, I have absolutely nothing against winning and pursuing it passionately. We do not coach to lose. We want our athletes to want to win bad. I am against undermining others to win, But i don't want to coach an athlete that has to do what Tonya Harding did to Nancy Kerrigan in order to win. I don't want to coach an athlete that takes short cuts to climb the mountain of success. You don't cheat, you conquer. Conquer with persistence, commitment, training and sheer will. Conquer by being the better person, inside and out. I am against tearing down others to say we won or should of won. I am against teaching athletes who will one day go out in the real world that if they don't win they are consigned to the scrapheap of failure for perpetuity. There are many lessons to be learned in losing - perhaps many more than in winning. You win with humility and lose with grace. You redouble your positive efforts and eliminate negativity. You learn and move forward.

I want to win. But I don't want to win at all costs. Not is coaching. Not in competing. Not in life. That price is way to high to pay. We are seeing that as a country now.

Let's turn around while we have time and space.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


One of the greatest crimes is when we tell children and adults "don't dream your dream, stop imagining your ideas, stay in reality, don't be different." We intentionally disable the creative mechanism for the sake of a neutered normalcy then wonder where are the creators, the dreamers, the idea people of the next generation? We have buried them in coffins of complacency because we are afraid of being seen as being different AND being connected to them. Or are we afraid that they will awaken within us dreams that have been dumped in favor of an easier predictable path? Dream again. Believe Again. Imagine again! Live your dream!